‘One day everything will be well, this is our hope. Everything is fine today, that is our illusion.’
~ Voltaitre             
For the first time in human history, the unsustainability of the banking and corporate system is plain for all to see. Australia’s major bank cartel earn $36 billion a year alone, holding regional communities to ransom, whilst engaging in routine misconduct. Bipartisan politics has no solution. A dark force of materialism is threatening the raison d’etre of everyday Aussies. We are not offered a FAIR GO!
It is time for change! Let Freedom Roar!
 Welcome to Mi Guardian FiduciaryTM, a VC (Venture Crypto) Corporation and House of Brands Partnership, founded for the express purpose of building a collaborative commercial network and value exchange system, OWNED BY ITS MEMBERS. The advent of blockchain and crypto-currency empowers a community of SMART (Small, Medium & Retail Trader) businesses to be their own financier and co-create Mi SMART Coin, a trusted medium of exchange.   

When 1% of the world’s population control the majority of assets, including the banks, laissez-faire is simply unfair. A simple algorithm of wealth underpins the global banking system. For the first time, that closely guarded secret is available for a SMART tribe to found a brave new world of commercial prosperity, based on trust and the philosophy of mutualism.
Our Mission: To build a member based Mutual Crypto-Capital Corporation in the Cloud, prospering 1,000 SMART fiduciary partners and myriad members to be collaboratively empowered, leveraging Mi Algorithm of Wealth. 
The revolution is here!
a financier's journey to
​a brave new world​​
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